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The Therapy

Depending on my current capacities, you can come to session weekly or every two weeks. It is also possible to come less frequently, such as once a month. It is always possible to have all or some sessions online over Zoom or in person at the Lebensraum in BerlinPrenzlauer Berg. A session usually lasts 50 min and costs 120€. Please get in touch also if this is a lot for you. We can talk openly about what is possible for you to pay.

The focus you are choosing for therapy may be the same for several session or for all sessions. You may also choose to decide freshly every time, what it is that you would like from today’s session.

With a clear view on what it is that you want, we will explore what is getting in your way. Often, past experiences with emotions and thoughts connected to them come to the surface. By taking the time to feel what hasn’t been felt in the past without dwelling on it or dramatizing it, we enable the stuck energy to release. This can feel very liberating and sometimes everything suddenly seems brighter and more colorful. Just because we finally decided to take off our sunglasses!

The idea behind this is that we all have a life force, life energy in us. Experiences which we were not able to fully feel and sense when they happened block this flow of energy. Especially “effective” in blocking the life energy are early attachment experiences. There are no parents who are perfect, yet all children find ways of relating to their parents. Often by giving up certain needs or parts of themselves – the relationship to the parents is more important, indeed even crucial to their survival.

However, later in life the patterns in which we learned to relate to our parents start to get heavily in the way of (for example)

  • being comfortable with ourselves and others,

  • of saying what we want or need,

  • of trusting ourselves and others,

  • of saying no, when we feel like it, and/or

  • of having a fulfilling love life.

The founder of NARM®, Lawrence Heller, has developed this - just explained - beautiful method of first finding a description of how the freely flowing life force feels for someone – that is what he*she wants from therapy - and then exploring the blockages of the life force. With simple awareness and room to be felt the blockages can be released.