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Feedback - What people say

„I went to see Anne during a moment of crisis in my life, unsure of what to expect, and ended up having several sessions over a few months. Anne guided me through the crisis and more significantly, gently helped me explore a number of underlying issues which were linked to it which I hadn’t even realised existed. She was always insightful in her comments and seemed to truly care about my process. The sessions felt safe, deeply non-judgemental and also exploratory in a very healthy way, as I often felt Anne’s genuine curiosity come through. This in turn encouraged me to take a more open approach when observing myself, ultimately empowering me to find my own answers to my questions. I am deeply grateful to Anne for helping me realise a few profound nuggets of wisdom about myself to be aware of and take forward.“

Sonia M.


"Deciding for therapy sessions with Anne was the best thing imaginable and the wisest investment in myself I have ever made. As mid-20, living as an expat in Berlin, struggling with anxiety and depression, I've decided to book my first appointment with Anne. That moment was a breakthrough, and I'm so grateful to myself that I've decided to make this step. Thanks to Anne's understanding, her kindness, sense of humor (which is also an important thing) and her immense knowledge of psychology and technics of helping, I've started my journey to being healthy. Now, when I finished my therapy, I recommend making this decision to anyone. If you're a person who's struggling with something in life (like we all do), don't hesitate and book your appointment. I know you won't regret it. "

Magdalena G.


"Anne Piotrowski is the kindest, most caring and helpful therapist. She is highly intelligent and responds insightfully to complexities which seemed to me to be unsolvable. I felt welcomed and nurtured by her manner. I felt empowered and soothed by her therapy. I highly recommend her."

Jennifer v. H.


 "To go and see Anne felt like going into a loophole, where I could reflect in peace and full acceptance on what was happening around me in a turbulent time. Each time I came back into the world I felt strengthened. I was able to voice desires and fears, which I hadn’t even been aware of before. The realizations I took away from the sessions enabled me to take a positive perspective on my situation and continue to help me today in everyday life."

Sophie M.


 “My time with Anne was a really good and special time, which had a great impact on my life. I am very thankful for many deep conversations and sessions, which were very meaningful for me personally. I felt very well cared for and understood, so it was easy to commit to my process, which changed a lot for me. Especially the exercises invited me to go deeper and showed the process clearly. These exercises were not only fun but also made it easy for me to grasp and understand the topics. On top of this they were important anchors for me, that I remembered outside sessions and could continue working on by myself.

I can say after this time, that I took a lot away for me, noticed numerous positive changes and continue to notice more. I am very thankful for the loving support in my developmental process.”

Laura M.


„The ability to help myself and not to feel dependent on others for help was a major motivator for my personal development. Anne provided me with a safe space, in which I surprisingly didn’t hear a therapist’s voice but found the necessary stillness to experience my own inner voice. However, my strongest sense of self developed, when I experienced integrity by applying this in my everyday life. Anne was an interested and cordial partner to me throughout these difficult experiences, who questioned me at the right moment, aroused my curiosity or supported me. Yet the most important thing for me was, that she honestly shared joy and also sadness with me.

Stefan H.


„Starting out I actually only wanted to go see Anne three or four times, but then it turned into a good half a year. I worked on issues, which had worked in me for years or even decades and which I had also already addressed in other therapies. I really feel that I made a big step, that I couldn’t have overcome on my own. Anne helped me to feel and hear what my body had to say and through that impressing, clear images arose in me, which clarified my inner state even more. Thank you very much and all the best, Anne!” 

Charlotte T.