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My approach is based on unconditional appreciation of you and everything that concerns you. With mycompassionate nature and my deep interest in people I open a space for you, where you can be the way you are and develop into whoever you wholeheartedly want to be.

Every person is different and needs a different type of therapy. So here, I can only try to give you a feeling for my work and describe certain elements that are often part of it. In every case, you are the expert for yourself. I will offer my perspective, which may or may not resonate with you, I may know certain questions and some paths which can lead to answers. But the answers themselves, they are only in you and to be found by yourself.

My background is in Gestalttherapy and NARM®, which are both very supportive, positive approaches. They focus on mindfully letting go of obstacles to our growth and on becoming who we truly are deep down – not by efforting to change, but by gently letting go of what is keeping us from simply being ourselves.

This way we will focus on you as a person, not on an “illness” that needs to be treated. Even the word “therapy” has a certain ring to it, which says “something is wrong, something has to change”. I would prefer to have a word, that describes the way the powers of delevopment, growth and reorganization unfold in a human being who is in contact with another human being.